TYM Tractors


Utility Tractor

74 HP

The T754 lets you work faster so that you can get the work done. It also lets you slow down with a creeper option in the lowest gear when precision is more important than speed.



  • Deutz 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • 16×16 Shuttle or Power Shuttle Transmission
  • 5,115 lb Hitch Lift Capacity
  • Optional Loader: 3,233 lb Capacity


  • Synchronized Shuttle/Power Shuttle

    The T754 transmission offers 4 main speeds and 4 range speeds with an additional creeper gear for a total of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds, enabling you to select the right speed for your work needs.

  • Heavy Duty Front Axle With Bevel Gear

    Delivering an extremely tight turning radius with full power transfer to the wheels, the T654’s axles are top of the line cast iron strong.

  • Hydrostatic Power Steering With Tilt

    With the T654’s tilt steering system, turning is made drastically easier. Improving control and reducing operator fatigue.

  • 3-Point Hitch

    Category 2 with a hitch lift capacity of 4,270 lbs allows the usage of a wide variety of implements. The optional Auxiliary Cylinder lower link allows you to quickly attach rear PTO implements.

  • Independent PTO And Switch

    PTO On/Off Switch turns the independent rear or mid PTO on or off with the simple turn of a switch.

  • Front Loader Joystick Valve

    Get the full functionality out of your front end loader with an easy to use, conveniently located joystick.